Ella Mae Flossie, the woman, is believed to be a direct descendant of Cato, leader of the Stono Rebellion. Around 1932, she moved to Harlem and opened a pool hall. An advocate of African American culture, she hosted regular events for artists of the Harlem Renaissance. After her establishment got burned down (supossedly by the police, whom she refused to bribe), she returned to South Carolina and passed away in 1968. While she touched many lives, she left very little written accounts or information about her private life- it's almost like she didn't exist; yet her legacy lives on.

EllaMaeFlossie, the album, is the rebirth of the South Carolinean/Harlem hero. The record is an understanding, a celebration of your home - your ancestry. It plants its foot in that location and examines the rest of the nation, giving its criticism of America's mistreatment of African Americans. Natives, Women, poor people and other marginalized groups. And it realizes that the only way to heal these wounds is to reach - across cultures and back home - and hope that you stumble across the answer.