Our Mission & Philosophy

A resonator is an amplifier, a space which takes its source, and makes it grow. We at Resonator aim to do just that; with new ideas in music, art and culture. We work to act as the catalyst for growth, to be the puzzle piece which enables innovators in the arts to flourish and their ideas to spread. Through concerts, parties and workshops, our goal is to shine a bright light on the amazing art that is all around us, and sometimes, goes unnoticed. Great art deserves the world’s attention and we intend to make sure it does. We will play, sing, dance & laugh together, and by being our authentic, audacious, creative selves, learn together. This is Resonator. Vibrate higher.

Meet the Team

Benjamin "Ming" Chin — Founder

Zaven Embree — Founder















Will Sacks — Media Director

















Jamie Ehrenfeld — Artistic Director